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Welcome to the E-Tailer's Digest
100th Issue CyberCelebration!!

The first ever on-line party!

Presented by E-Tailer's Digest Party Committee

Produced by Patty Sachs

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In case you missed the invitation...It's never too late to get into the swing of things... click here! (No need to RSVP....hey, you are already at the party!)  -- Don't forget to register for door prizes.  Check out our photo album, and partake of the refreshments and party favors.

So, what is this E-Tailer's Digest, and why the celebration?  Well 100 issues ago it was nothing but a dream.  Today retailers in 47 countries meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to discuss everything retail, with issues like...

Interaction with customers
Point of sale software solutions
Point of purchase displays
Security issues
Effective merchandising and open-to-buy
Mail order issues
Shipping and tax issues
Accounting and legal issues
Public relations
Promotions and advertising
On-line marketing
Doing business internationally
Effective web site design

We found very little that addressed the particular needs of the retailer -- not just marketing, but merchandising, administration, technology and other such issues. So, we designed E-Tailer's Digest to be a very informative and useful publication. And, we are also in print -- a column in Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine.

Get ready for a unique experience. We actually send thank you notes to those who take the time to post to the digest. We feel if you can take the time to post, we can take the time to say thanks. And, don't be surprised if you get a note from our moderator  asking for your expertise on a particular subject. If you haven't completed a profile, please do so at our site

The E-Tailer's Digest also includes tips and pointers to articles and information of interest to E-Tailer's. But, the most important element of any good list is it's members. We welcome your comments and your posts and please feel free to make suggestions that will improve the quality of the list.

So, enjoy the activities, refreshments and favors.  Be sure to check out our photo album, and don't forget to register for door prizes!  Thanks for visiting.

George Matyjewicz

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